Thursday, 17 October 2013

Bizarre and weird aren't we all

Aren't we all weird? What is weird? Can it not be that the normal ones are in fact weird and everyone 'labelled' as weird is in fact normal. What does it mean to be normal? The normal ones are the supposedly cool ones aren't they? So pretty, skinny, popular, perfect, fashionable, spoiled, funny, etc. But aren't most of these things chance. Pretty, skinny, perfect... aren't we born with these characteristics? Spoiled, fashionable, popular... doesn't it all come down to who you know, what you've got! Most if not all of these things are unchangeable and so there thousands if not millions of - particularly girls although im sure some guys figure the same - teenagers shall we say are bullied or made to feel insignificant because they arent normal, they are bizarre or weird. But isnt everyone? Im almost certain every single person in the whole entire world has a secret or someone they dont like about themselves, even the most cockiest arrogant of people must find something about themselves weird. If they dont then i declare them weird.
Who says perfect is normal? Who says popular is cool? Who says that being beautiful is the best thing?

Barbie was thrown upon us as kids but in reality it isnt even close to what realistic people should look like, yet as a child all every girl wanted to be was barbie in her 'perfect' little world. So why is society always so worried about whether youre skinny or larger, gay or straight, beautiful or average. What does it matter to everyone else. Once we were given a chance to voice our opinions everything changed. Judgement. Division. Fights. In primary school when everyone was friends with everyone, we wonder why? There was no judgement, division or fights and why? No one had opinions everyone just accepted you for being yourself - we knew no better and hadnt figured even ourselves out yet but the thought that if we had no opinions of everyone then we would get along and there would be no normal and no bizarre, isnt that a better world?

If i ever have children i will bring them up not to judge, discriminate or think that someone different from them is bizarre, because like the quote of the breakfast club "we're all pretty bizarre, some of us are just better at hiding it."


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