Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Up until the age of 14, I had never moved and lived in a tiny little remote village. Then when my dad's job moved us 3000 odd miles away, I was in for a shock. New country. New culture. New people. It was very unexpected and sudden but I adapted well and fit in as best I could. I met some amazing people and had experiences some people can only dream of. It was not something I would change if I could. But now after only a short period of time, I'm back to my little samey old village and as nice as it is, I miss the big city I came to love. There were many things I hated.. how much I missed my friends and family, how I couldn't see the stars, the hot summer heat! But at the same time there were things I loved.. the malls, beaches, SOME of the people, my school.. But again, I will adapt to the quietness and remoteness of my hometown, it'll just take some getting used to I think. Moving country is probably the biggest event of my 16 year life but I wouldn't change anything about it.. except maybe the stress and packing!!!


EXAMS ARE OVER!!!! I haven't had a chance to be on here since exams are over, but they finally are! It was stressful and alot of people didn't cope. But the worst is over.. for some! I'm guessing results day will be more nerve racking for some people but I believe if you put what you want in, they you should get out of it what you wanted. Obviously, slip ups or unfair grading may come into it and grade boundaries are a bitch.. In maths you only need 36% to get a C whereas in most other subjects you need 50% and in some history courses you need 60%. There should be permanent grade boundaries so students know what to aim for. Past papers are useful so we can predict how the real exam will go but I would feel a whole lot more comfortable knowing what I need to get, to get the grade I want or need. On the other hand, I think it is good that they vary when the exams are harder which means we still have the same chance at getting the same grade as someone who took an easier exam the year before. But the exams shouldn't differ in difficulty they should be the same difficulty in tiers anyway but I don't think any exam board are going to change. Well for me GCSE's are done forever and never having to do maths or science again makes me so happy but I have as and a-levels to look forward to if I get the grades I need - lucky me! But I try to keep positive and say to myself it will pay off when I need to get a job!!


May 13th 2013 was the date that the 90210 finale aired. I remember when I found out that 90210 was being cancelled I was very upset being a huge fan of the show but now I feel it was the right decision. Stories were running dry and the characters were too familiar - there were no surprises anymore! As much I will miss the rich and famous faces of the 90210 gang, I feel that any new stories would be too unbelievable as they had already tackled serious situations and anymore would make the show too unrealistic.  The show portrayed prostitution, rape, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, marriage, etc. Too tackle all of these different situations and with such realism in only 5 years is amazing and even though 90210 wasn't the sequel to 90210 Beverly Hills, they sure did the show proud. 

But all that said the final ever episode was wish-washy. I feel like everyone should have ended up happy. Unrealistic people may say but at least we would have felt closure. With Naomi she didn't really find her true happy relationship or job. It felt too rushed and not over. I really thought it would be nice for her and Max to end up together. They always seemed to make it work through the worst of times. It was such a shame! Also, Silver getting cancer at the end was horrific. Even though she said she was going to fight it, after loosing the baby, I was hoping she was going to have a bit of a happy ending like maybe.. her and Dixon being re-united. When they dated in season 1 they were so cute together and with Liam and Annie and Navid and Adrianna back together I thought it was going to end in a memoriable way. Even if the relationships of the characters didn't last it would have been nice for it to end with a memory of the best times of 90210. It was a great show and I am going to buy the complete box set so I can remember everything but I feel like the show was worth more than the ending it was given. Goodbye, we will miss you 90210!