Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Up until the age of 14, I had never moved and lived in a tiny little remote village. Then when my dad's job moved us 3000 odd miles away, I was in for a shock. New country. New culture. New people. It was very unexpected and sudden but I adapted well and fit in as best I could. I met some amazing people and had experiences some people can only dream of. It was not something I would change if I could. But now after only a short period of time, I'm back to my little samey old village and as nice as it is, I miss the big city I came to love. There were many things I hated.. how much I missed my friends and family, how I couldn't see the stars, the hot summer heat! But at the same time there were things I loved.. the malls, beaches, SOME of the people, my school.. But again, I will adapt to the quietness and remoteness of my hometown, it'll just take some getting used to I think. Moving country is probably the biggest event of my 16 year life but I wouldn't change anything about it.. except maybe the stress and packing!!!

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