Thursday, 17 October 2013

Motivation to work or not to work?

Motivation to do any revision, school work or homework! WHERE ARE YOU I NEED YOU!!!! I cannot be the only one who is struggling to get into the routine of doing work, right? I get bored of school SO easily and come home and want to watch tv, surf the internet and just chillax and my work load is piling up but i refuse to do anything, HELP!!! I like the subjects that i am taking so i should have an interest in them or so you would think but i get home and the thought of doing anything school related makes me want to just... Where is my motivation, at school im all like when i get home im gonna do so much revision and work but as soon as i get home i PROCRASTINATE i am so stupid but i just cant help myself.. perfect, my report will be just perfect!!!


  1. I like your blog post! View mine

  2. I am EXACTLY the same! In the midst of my GCSE mocks right now :/