Friday, 21 December 2012

2012: End of the world? (part 2)

Well it looks like we all live to see yet another day! Even though it was of course never going to happen, I was hoping something may have happened (not to the extent of every human burning alive and dying a painful death) but I guess like everything else similar that has been predicted, they were wrong! And there are already people saying 'We got the dates wrong it's in actual fact the 27th December 2012!' But how many times will they convince us, 'its real this time, we know for sure!' Im sure there will be many times like this to come in the future when stories start about.. Alien attacks, the planet spiraling out of control or even something like the world just stopping still! And im sure there will be many movies similar to 2012 or the day after tomorrow, waiting to scare us all but for now we can relax and forget about the world ending for at least another day!

Thursday, 20 December 2012


My favourite city that ive ever been to, even though that isnt very many, would have to be totally LONDON! There is something about the city that makes me smile everytime im there! It's exhilarating  and there is just so much to do! Shopping, festivals, tourist attractions, west end and so many other exciting things to do! The city is beautiful and full of amazing people! The buildings are spectacular and the different areas are so different which makes it so unique! Its just so amazing! Wish i could live there it would be such an amazing experience! Ugh, wish dreams were as easy to come true as they are to think of them.

Christmas movies!

There are hundreds of great Christmas movies some of which are here! And i am so looking forward to start watching the classics. December is definitely my favourite month with the Christmas spirit and everything else going on! I love this time of year it's the best! And what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than watching Christmas movies or listening to Christmas songs! It's so much fun and we all know what happens if your grumpy!(Scrooge) I love Christmas and the ones above are definitely some of my favourites!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

2012: End of the world?

The Mayan calender, planet alignment, solar flares! Is it all a myth.. Or will the world end on 12.21.12? Yes, no, maybe! No matter what anyone says or thinks, everyone still has there fingers crossed in hope that they wont die! And even though there is no solid evidence of the end of the world, the signs are all there and we may be ignoring them, but will we realise too late that the signs were staring us right in the face and we said no! Barely anyone believes the world will end but people dont have hindsight and dont think about things before they happen! We have one more full day to live our lives (just incase)! And pretty much the entire population will be spending their, perhaps last day, working, at school, bored! How many people will be living their lives to the fullest just incase! Will our lives be a total waste of time, all being here for no reason?!
We'll see this Friday, 12.21.2012!

Exam stress!

Exams are extremely stressful! Cramming in revision and trying to keep on top of all your subjects! Everything just seems to be going wrong and once I complete one piece of work, another 3 pieces arrive! I know everyone has to deal with exams, but it's so harsh and I hate it even though we are only one term in! Year 11 is the worst, I feel so bad for anyone who has yet it to reach this year as its the worst year ever! Also, the worst part is its only going to get worst after the Christmas break with more revision, essays and homework than ever before! Oh the joys of high school!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Katy Perry!

Not that long ago I saw Katy Perry in concert and i must say she was incredible! Her performance, costumes, singing, just her! The whole concert was an amazing experience and probably the best night of my life (so far...) Every since I saw her live i've had a real connection to her songs and music. Every time i hear one of her songs i immediately get up and sing along or dance! And i've been to other concerts but there is something about her lyrics, song, music, etc. that i just can't get enough of. I don't the fan name (Believer, Mayniac, Lovatic, etc.) for being a Perry-holic but i've sure as hell got it!


Best James Bond movie ever? Maybe, maybe not! And considering i've not seen any of the older ones fully I cant really have an opinion but after seeing it twice, it's definitely one of my favourite James Bond movies if not favourite movies in general. It's so powerful, moving and jam-packed full of action, which normally aren't my type of movie but there is something about this movie which is so exciting. The cast are amazing, the effects are amazing, the scripting is amazing, everything about it is just amazing! I think i like this James Bond movie so much because it isn't a typical James Bond with the Bond girls and the foreign country with the group of unknown enemies and the confusing plot. It is in England (and partly Scotland , different! There is briefly a bond girl but it's not centered around the relationship, different! The main enemy is an ex MI6 agent with relationships with the characters, different or slightly different! And finally, the plot was easy to understand, maybe not for everyone but definitely for the majority, another thing different. This bond movie was so unique which is why i think it made it so big! It truly is an amazing film and anyone involved in it should feel truly honoured!

LOL! (the movie)

Am i the only one who finds the movie LOL, incredibly realistic and unrealistic at the same time, if that is possible... The scenes with her mum are realistic but unrealistic because she has a good relationship with her but she is so rude and bitchy to her. As much as my mum annoys me I would never speak or act like that to my mum. I would never sit in the car and listen to music instead of talking to her or say such horrid things to her (out loud) and my mum would have had a go at me way before she did about acting the way i do. And the whole invasion of privacy scene, OMG! The only reason my mum would ever read anything like that of mine is if I'm missing or in DEEP trouble and only to help me! The relationship is incredibly unrealistic. But on the other hand, the relationship has ups and downs and they have mini arguments over nothing and anything which are all signs of a realistic relationship. This movie has so many secret levels, its so weird! But as terrible as parts of it are, the story line is quite catchy and moving!


Maths gets more confusing every time I go to the lesson. It started off easy and I was getting A* and now I'm lucky if i get Cs. It's so hard and i just don't understand how people can just know maths! And the worst thing is, those people in top set mock you, all of them. Some secretly inside their heads when you ask them to help you with your incredibly 'easy' homework or some people just bluntly say it to your face, 'how can you not understand it's SO easy!' well i'm sorry for not being as smart as you are! But why are people so harsh nowadays, so what if im not some maths genius, it doesnt make you a bad person with no feelings, it also doesnt make you dumb, so what if maths is hard, it is for hundreds of people! But they have talents elsewhere... 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Rumors of a F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion?

Are the rumors true, will there be a friends reunion, I hope so being a HUGE friends fan! I have the whole box set and must have seen every episode hundreds of times yet i still can't get enough! So after hearing that Warner Bros. confirmed a reunion I was thrilled, but after so much hype I think it was a rumor guys! Sucks right?! Maybe if everyone complains... But I think if they did a reunion it wouldn't be good and would kill the whole series, and then everyone would hate it! Should they leave it on a high note and try to return with a bigger bang?!?!


I love this time of year, although leaving far away from my home country makes me really homesick at this time of year! Thank goodness for amazing friends and family! Although school work is definitely keeping me busy right now and also how much exam prep we are doing inside and outside of school, it's so stressful, and the worst bit is... They say school are the best years of your life, right? OH SHIT! I may as well kill myself now then! Anyway, Merry Christmas, hope everyone is in the holiday spirit like me! :D

Thursday, 18 October 2012

School life

Going back to school after the summer break is horrible. Its like work overload and getting up early is just the worst. I hate school right now, i don't know why, im not having trouble with work, people or anything but i just cant be bothered, and the worst thing is adults always say 'school are the best years of your life' which doesnt give me much hope for the future! And im trying to focus on my studies and the internet keeps stealing me away and the worst thing is that after being after 3 seasons behind, i have decided to start to watch 90210, so its distracting me more than ever! Oh, the life of a teenager is utterly brilliant!