Tuesday, 18 December 2012

LOL! (the movie)

Am i the only one who finds the movie LOL, incredibly realistic and unrealistic at the same time, if that is possible... The scenes with her mum are realistic but unrealistic because she has a good relationship with her but she is so rude and bitchy to her. As much as my mum annoys me I would never speak or act like that to my mum. I would never sit in the car and listen to music instead of talking to her or say such horrid things to her (out loud) and my mum would have had a go at me way before she did about acting the way i do. And the whole invasion of privacy scene, OMG! The only reason my mum would ever read anything like that of mine is if I'm missing or in DEEP trouble and only to help me! The relationship is incredibly unrealistic. But on the other hand, the relationship has ups and downs and they have mini arguments over nothing and anything which are all signs of a realistic relationship. This movie has so many secret levels, its so weird! But as terrible as parts of it are, the story line is quite catchy and moving!

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