Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Maths gets more confusing every time I go to the lesson. It started off easy and I was getting A* and now I'm lucky if i get Cs. It's so hard and i just don't understand how people can just know maths! And the worst thing is, those people in top set mock you, all of them. Some secretly inside their heads when you ask them to help you with your incredibly 'easy' homework or some people just bluntly say it to your face, 'how can you not understand it's SO easy!' well i'm sorry for not being as smart as you are! But why are people so harsh nowadays, so what if im not some maths genius, it doesnt make you a bad person with no feelings, it also doesnt make you dumb, so what if maths is hard, it is for hundreds of people! But they have talents elsewhere... 

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