Wednesday, 19 December 2012

2012: End of the world?

The Mayan calender, planet alignment, solar flares! Is it all a myth.. Or will the world end on 12.21.12? Yes, no, maybe! No matter what anyone says or thinks, everyone still has there fingers crossed in hope that they wont die! And even though there is no solid evidence of the end of the world, the signs are all there and we may be ignoring them, but will we realise too late that the signs were staring us right in the face and we said no! Barely anyone believes the world will end but people dont have hindsight and dont think about things before they happen! We have one more full day to live our lives (just incase)! And pretty much the entire population will be spending their, perhaps last day, working, at school, bored! How many people will be living their lives to the fullest just incase! Will our lives be a total waste of time, all being here for no reason?!
We'll see this Friday, 12.21.2012!


  1. The whole idea of the 'end of the world' freaks me out. I don't believe it but I'm trying to spend as much time as possible with my friends these 'last days' anyway.
    Most people think it's not going to happen, my friends are just joking about it. One of them is now singing 'I'm on the highway to Hell' all day long :P

  2. I am the same,I think everyone doesn't want to believe it, but everyone is thinking about it! I am sure everything will be fine, and if you are really scared, check this link out...

    1. In retrospect, it's always easy to say now that 'ofcourse nothing was going to happen'. When I look back to it now, I think that I acted a little funny on December 21, but I can laugh about it. I wrote about it on my blog to keep the nerves away.
      Thanks for the link by the way :)

    2. well i definitely was one of those, its never gonna happen but i think throughout the day i was peering out of window hoping not to see a wave of fire coming to eat me, but everyone was thinking the same 'its not gonna happen (oh shit i hope not) it wont happen..' oh, i'll check out your blog!
      and you're welcome for the link!