Friday, 21 December 2012

2012: End of the world? (part 2)

Well it looks like we all live to see yet another day! Even though it was of course never going to happen, I was hoping something may have happened (not to the extent of every human burning alive and dying a painful death) but I guess like everything else similar that has been predicted, they were wrong! And there are already people saying 'We got the dates wrong it's in actual fact the 27th December 2012!' But how many times will they convince us, 'its real this time, we know for sure!' Im sure there will be many times like this to come in the future when stories start about.. Alien attacks, the planet spiraling out of control or even something like the world just stopping still! And im sure there will be many movies similar to 2012 or the day after tomorrow, waiting to scare us all but for now we can relax and forget about the world ending for at least another day!

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