Friday, 1 February 2013

Time - quick and slow?!

So lately, the present seems to be going so slow, yet time is still ticking extremely fast! I cannot physically believe we are already in 2013, and we are already into the second month of 2013! My weeks are school seem to be dragging on an awful lot recently but maybe i just cannot wait for year 11 to be over and get onto into sixth form (if i get in). I just cant wait to be doing less subjects - even if that does mean more work - but however subjects that interest me a hell of alot more than maths, science, pe, etc.
So we got our a-level options from last week, i am nervous and excited and all of a sudden i just starting thinking and remembering things.. starting middle school, and high school, and remembering things from so many years ago, all as if they were yesterday and suddenly they are being blurred into one memory.. MY LIFE! No longer do i remember each individual thing, just bits of different things! And then all of a sudden, i am holding my options form in my hand thinking, my life is just beginning, my adult life anyway, im finally making decisions for myself and taking my future into my own hands, and with four words, my whole life will be different, life just got serious, and already i dont like hear!
So.. here's to the future, its gonna suck, im so ready!!!!

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