Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I've always wanted to be famous! A dancer. An actress. A singer. Anything. I'd love the rich, famous lifestyle! It'll never be what anyone thinks! The paparazzi, no private life and haters! I'm sure it also has many positives and many negatives. But I can't help thinking how cool and exciting it would be and how fun! I watch films, tv shows, music videos, interviews.. The list is endless! And I'd love to be famous, and have everyone know me, make a real impact on someone/maybe even people! But I guess it would be tough!
The thought of being famous excites me and gets me smiling and imaging how amazing everything would be! I'd love it, and I know every teenage girls dream is to be famous, and I know I have nothing that would be of any use to anyone, but I can always dream!

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