Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Security about myself..

So recently I've been feeling incredibly insecure about myself. I feel as if I am constantly being watched and whispered about and judged, it's horrible. I feel like when I'm hanging about with my friends (who are so lovely and amazing) I'd rather be somewhere else with other people, that's weird right? I couldn't be happier yet I feel so unhappy with myself. I feel like I'm not being 'me' just something that my friends have created and I am that being. But I'm happy and I love my friends, so I don't understand.. I've been watching so much American TV lately, pretty much about teenagers and stuff, all their lives are so perfect and exactly the kind of friendships, relationships and just general life I want, and believe me I know it's unrealistic and very cliche, but I can't help wanting to be different, how can I get that when I'm with the wrong people? But I'm not confident. I'm not cool. I can't change and be the loud, bubbly person I really want to be, because of what everyone else thinks or says! I'm completely stuck!!!

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