Tuesday, 12 February 2013


So I have strong opinions, sometimes I speak out of  place! But I'm better now and more controlling and tend to know when i should and shouldn't speak! But I get it wrong from time to time.. But I was brought up being told to speak your mind and don't let others speak it for you.. Basically, don't let others influence you into believing something you don't want to. Its why i love opinions, you can believe what you want and I have no disrespect or hate towards anyone with completely different opinions to myself. But lately I feel when i'm talking to my group of friends, i'm being judged or hated against for what i feel or think... I don't hate them or cause an argument (we debate) but i'm happy with them thinking differently to me, it makes us human, so i don't understand how they can deal with my opinions, i doesn't affect them and i'm not just making shit up and talking out my ass, i hate with people start saying shit how they feel and think when they know nothing on the subject at all, i'm not like that.. I just speak my mind, its not like i'm racist, homophobic or sexist or anything like that, just i have the 'wrong' opinion according to some people, which i thought was impossible but i guess some people just don't understand some things...

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