Wednesday, 13 February 2013


I am overly stressed right now. There is so much going on in my life that I have to worry about! I know all teeangers get stressed but the amount of things on my mind is uncountable! I have to worry about grades, homework, revision, ill relatives back home (and I live far from home), having to move again mid-way through the school year (and ditching my exams??) and I honestly cannot take my mind wandering every second of every day! And I can't concentrate on anything right now, as soon as i get too involved with something my mind suddenly thinks about something to stress me out! I have the worst headaches at least 5 times a day now and I cannot take anymore stress! Too top it all off, im the kind of person who needs alot of sleep and I cant sleep and have to go to bed so late with the amount of work I recieve.. And getting up incredibly early does not help! And no-one understands me. Teachers, parents, friends, family.. No-one understands how much stress Im under compared to everyone else. I know my stress is all secret and most people dont know anything about any of this and everyone else could be doing the same, but everyone else seems happy and calm all the time and although I fake a smile, I cant.. Im tired of it! Pretending everything is perfectly ok when everything is falling apart.. At only 15, i shouldnt have to worry about the kind of things I do! I cant sleeep.. I cant cope.....!

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