Friday, 19 April 2013


So the hit TV show awkward is back, with season 3 and i like many other teenage (im going to say that the majority were probably girls) were extremely excited. Season 1 and 2 were a huge hit and very personal as they tackled real life situations that we can relate to. And with no let downs they began season 3 with the feeling of Jenna 'the main character' feeling left behind by her friends and pretty much invisible. I get this feeling alot, like i listen to all my friends complain about everything and anything and then as soon as its my turn to be sad and turn to a friend for help, advice or just to talk, i kind of feel like they want to be somewhere else and almost dont seem to care. And the amount of times ive sat in lessons feeling extremely depressed and no-one seems to notice! Ive even got to the point where listening to music and forgetting about the world barely made anything feel better, so much so that ive thought many times (not to the extend of even nearly doing so) about how easy it would be to down a handful of pills and have the easy way out and nothing would be anymore. But life's too short to waste it, if god wanted me to die, he'd plan my death for now, but he obviously has plans for me and just because it isnt perfect or what i really want it to be and i feel extremely insignificant, doesnt mean that i am. Be happy with who are you and what you want to be. Just like Jenna just get on with it and live you life to the fullest - ok not exactly like Jenna with her 'pregnancy scare'as her life is fictional, but just be happy and live everyday as though it may be your last.

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