Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I've changed so much over the last few years. Grown up, matured, changed. But I still look over old photos, and start reminiscing. Then i see photos of me and my old friends, people I haven't spoken to for years, and remembering how close we once were. How can people change so much.. Being best friends for years, to being an absolute back-stabbing bitch! Can people really change that much? Or were they always a liar and we just never noticed it before.. I can't help thinking how different my life would be if we were still friends or if I'd never moved away from my life I knew before! Or if i'd moved away sooner and left being best friends.. Would we still be now? How can I say i miss you - or what you were - without seeming desperate and clingy! I just want to say how I wish we were still close enough to talk and laugh! I hate not having you as a friend, but you'll always be my childhood best friend, and no amount of bitchiness and lies can take that away from me. You can't do anything about it! 

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