Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Best James Bond movie ever? Maybe, maybe not! And considering i've not seen any of the older ones fully I cant really have an opinion but after seeing it twice, it's definitely one of my favourite James Bond movies if not favourite movies in general. It's so powerful, moving and jam-packed full of action, which normally aren't my type of movie but there is something about this movie which is so exciting. The cast are amazing, the effects are amazing, the scripting is amazing, everything about it is just amazing! I think i like this James Bond movie so much because it isn't a typical James Bond with the Bond girls and the foreign country with the group of unknown enemies and the confusing plot. It is in England (and partly Scotland , different! There is briefly a bond girl but it's not centered around the relationship, different! The main enemy is an ex MI6 agent with relationships with the characters, different or slightly different! And finally, the plot was easy to understand, maybe not for everyone but definitely for the majority, another thing different. This bond movie was so unique which is why i think it made it so big! It truly is an amazing film and anyone involved in it should feel truly honoured!

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