Thursday, 20 December 2012


My favourite city that ive ever been to, even though that isnt very many, would have to be totally LONDON! There is something about the city that makes me smile everytime im there! It's exhilarating  and there is just so much to do! Shopping, festivals, tourist attractions, west end and so many other exciting things to do! The city is beautiful and full of amazing people! The buildings are spectacular and the different areas are so different which makes it so unique! Its just so amazing! Wish i could live there it would be such an amazing experience! Ugh, wish dreams were as easy to come true as they are to think of them.


  1. I was in London last summer, just a few days before the Olympics started. It was so awesome. I want to go back soon, I want to see the city when it's a little less busy.

  2. Yes, i was there too, i was there most of the summer, and i've been many times before, its nicer when its not in the holiday, preferably a weekday also, as you get to see the tourist sights and everything without being shoved about, i definitely recommend going again, when its less busy :)