Tuesday, 30 July 2013


EXAMS ARE OVER!!!! I haven't had a chance to be on here since exams are over, but they finally are! It was stressful and alot of people didn't cope. But the worst is over.. for some! I'm guessing results day will be more nerve racking for some people but I believe if you put what you want in, they you should get out of it what you wanted. Obviously, slip ups or unfair grading may come into it and grade boundaries are a bitch.. In maths you only need 36% to get a C whereas in most other subjects you need 50% and in some history courses you need 60%. There should be permanent grade boundaries so students know what to aim for. Past papers are useful so we can predict how the real exam will go but I would feel a whole lot more comfortable knowing what I need to get, to get the grade I want or need. On the other hand, I think it is good that they vary when the exams are harder which means we still have the same chance at getting the same grade as someone who took an easier exam the year before. But the exams shouldn't differ in difficulty they should be the same difficulty in tiers anyway but I don't think any exam board are going to change. Well for me GCSE's are done forever and never having to do maths or science again makes me so happy but I have as and a-levels to look forward to if I get the grades I need - lucky me! But I try to keep positive and say to myself it will pay off when I need to get a job!!

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