Friday, 10 May 2013

DUBAI (The Dark Side)

Dubai is said to be one of the most luxurious countries (Emirates) in the world. It has the tallest building in the world, beautiful architecture, wide range of different cultures, religions and people. But the reality is that Dubai is just a cover up and it hides the truth. In China, they control all the media and what is known about China by the rest of the world. But people sell their stories. Dubai is the same. The United Arab Emirates is run by 7 "Sheikhs" and they are the 'royal family' and lead the Emirates and control everything. They overrule everything maybe the better term. The control the laws, rules, police, politics, schooling, health care and if their 'Emirati or Arab' friends get into trouble they will make sure to blame it on someone else. You only need to look at the accident system in Dubai to see this. If anyone below the status of an Emirati or Arab has a collision/accident with an Emirati or Arab, it will immediately be their fault even if they have done nothing wrong. This is the same in any situation, within a fight, argument, disagreement or anything like that. Anyone critising or complaining about Dubai can easily be jailed, fired (and thus made to leave the country) or deported. If your jailed your passport (and sometimes your families passports) will be taken from you and all bank account seized, so your family are stuck in Dubai helpless. If your jailed for a long-period of time, you will earn no money, and then your house, cars, your belongings will get taken from you to make up your debt as your not allowed to be in debt in Dubai. This makes you and your family even more helpless and trapped. 

This image sums Dubai up. The paint you this beautiful picture, saying how much of a paradise haven that it is and it will make every dream come true. But really that is just only just a painting. In real life it is a hell filled with slavery, in-consistent rules and no security. Everyone outside of Dubai (celebrities and anyone that has heard of Dubai) would describe it as a luxury paradise because that's what the media and images show. But that's what the Sheikhs want you to think, whereas in reality it is quite the opposite. This image represents how the more you read into things and the more knowledge you gain of something, the more you learn about the truth and the more of you learn of real life. 

I read an article called 'The Dark Side of Dubai' run by The Independent that shows and explores the real life experience and true stories of the life of Dubai for the people living there. I knew about some of the things, but some of the stories and things people were described, never EVER had arisen in the Dubai news. Obviously, a country would never want bad publicity and would never run it itself, but no-one had run a story that had made it into National or Inter-national news. This story needs to be heard, these peoples voices need to be heard. We need to stop ignoring the truth when we are just too scared to face the facts. Something needs to be done about all of this before its too late.
I may only be a 15 year old teenage girl with a whole lot of hormones but my eyes have been opened and for the first time I am seeing the world for what it really is. More people should know about this. People in Britain and America think and thank God that slavery doesn't exist anymore and how Black people have rights, but what about the Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos and all the other people living in Dubai that are tricked into slavery. They need rescuing. Everyone in Dubai hangs their head when the walk past maids, security guards  any type of labour worker because they know what is going on but is too ashamed to acknowledge the fact. This needs to stop, now.

Read The Independent's article on the truth about Dubai here ...

It is long, but my eyes have been opened and for the first time, I want to change the world.

Here is the real Dubai...

Dubai's motto might as well be "Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil." Because they cover everything up and anything you do know, they will make sure you never tell.

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