Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Help - Dubai Style

So i watched The Help for the second time today! The first time i ever saw it i loved it, it was powerful and made me thank God that blacks have rights and all the racial abuse is over. But after watching it today i just thought about how Dubai is so like The Help. People have maids, some treat them kindly and others don't, they have no say in anything, they raise the children and all the things wrong with The Help happens in Dubai. I'm sure when The Help was released all the Americans, British and anyone in a 1st world country thought to themselves, wow, i am so glad all the segregation and racism is all over and the world is free and peaceful. Id hate the world to still be like that. But they dont the fact that the racism, segregation and abuse of power is still going on in Asia and the Middle East. Its sad to think that there are so many helpless and abused people out in the world that no-one knows about! These huge countries like that of America and Britain seem to get involved in everything in other countries: war, politics, etc. But they dont get involved in what matters. Human rights. No-one helps them. People think they are called 'The Help' because they help you around the house. But maybe its deeper meaning is that they need help, they are trapped in employment.

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