Thursday, 20 September 2012


Ever had a crush, unless you are a 6 year old, which i doubt you are, you have at sometime had a crush. Everyone has. It is so awkward, if they even glance your way you blush. And the worse thing is, when your best friend fancies the same guy. MEGA AWKWARD! You can talk about him together and laugh about stuff, but when it comes down to it, you are mega jealous, especially if they get more attention from him than you do. Still have feelings for the guy, try moving 8000 miles away from home. Knowing they see each other everyday makes you want to DIE! But there are hot guys here, just as friendly as he was. But its not the same, i dont know them like i knew him... But he wasnt always the sweet, funny, cute guy he is now. He used to be horrible, he said some horrible things to me, things i really wanna forget, but somehow cant? Why do i like him, because you have no control over feelings, and it SUCKS! - Welcome to the loooong teenage years, they suck!!!!

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