Thursday, 20 September 2012

School life is always hard

You have the popular girls who just bitch about anything that breathes. Everyone tries to ignore them but sometimes the rumors are just too harsh. Its even worse when they say it too your face. This one girl at my school said to this girl 'i saw this really pretty girl the other day. She was really pretty for a BLACK girl.'what a racist bitch. You shouldn't think like that mind about say it. I just sometimes wish popular girls would realize that what they say may seem 'funny' at the time to them, but it actually hurts people. And why are they called 'popular girls' all their friends bitch about them so why are they seen as popular. I suppose they are popular with the guys as they just sleep around with everyone. I used to be popular then I met a nice group of friends! And the reason I left my old group was because they made me feel insecure and they were all un-trustworthy. How can anyone be friends with them? But now I am living about 8000 miles away from my friends, I realize how important they are too me! I miss them! Doesn't life just throw such sour lemons at you sometimes!

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