Friday, 21 September 2012

The P word... PARENTS!


Everybody has a love/hate relationship with their parents. Some have more of a love relationship, while others have more of a hate relationship. But teenage years are about having arguments with your parents about anything and everything. Its just the way it is. They shout out about anything they can think of. For example, i am an extremely fussy eater. I love JUNK food, but proper meals, i just don't do. So pasta for dinner this evening, and i hate mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and anything else in the sauce. So, its not my favorite meal. And my parents hate the fact i pick at my food and eat soooo slowly. I cant help it, right? Its not my fault, but my parents dont seem to understand this, they think i snack too much during the day which is why i dont eat my dinner, but they have it all wrong. I just dont like the food, its not that im not hungry! I just wish that they could understand me more!

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