Friday, 21 September 2012


I wish i lived in paradise. As of yet, im not entirely sure i know where that is. But i do know, its perfect and beautiful! There is no stress or worries. You live day by day, not worrying about anything. No work to do, no bills to pay, stress free.. And thinking about this as i glance at my file of work, it makes me pretty depressed! Wish i had the luxury to not have to go to school, because i dont need a job, because i own my own private island and everything and everyone is perfect and life is a party! I know after a while i would be bored, but i'd rather luxury over stress and work and more stress. Life is much harder for the 'unknown, poorer' people, celebrities dont cherish their money as much as they should! Their life is a close to perfect as it'll get, and they dont seem to notice! *sigh*

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