Saturday, 22 September 2012

More arguements..

I swear my dad is personally attacking me. Anything i say he will shout at me and have a go at me? And the worst thing is im not exaggerating at all (like i normally do). My mum was even sticking up for me and then kinda gave up. I talk to my dad a lot as we are quite close, but i swear he is so moody all the time, and he is really pushing me away. And i'm not the kinda girl to take shit all the time, i end up bitching about them and ignoring them until they leave my life. Bitchy, i dont care? If you hurt me, that's how its gonna be. I understand my dad is stressed and whatever, but why take it out on me? Every day is fresh and i start off smiling, but i swear every night, i end up pissed off at him. Why is this happening? Am i being tested on my patience, cause i swear im gonna fail!

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